She’s the cutest thing ever

You have to write more dantana pleaseeeeee

My brain has to come up with ideasssss and motivationnnn then yes, yes I’ll write more. When that happens, I will not hold back lol

You HAVE to do more dantana <3 but can we have a happy one (: please

Haha, I don’t have to do anything :p

If I get an idea, I’m not against writing it! I just need to be inspired and motivated to write, and i’ll post more <3

I’m more attracted to sad ideas is my problem, and I’m super picky with what I write about lol.

First Birthday (Dantana One-Shot)

Today was a special day. Today marked my sweet baby boy’s first birthday. Today was the day where he was supposed to be smearing frosting all over his face while his infectious laughter filled our living room. It was supposed to be a day of rejoicing and celebration full of balloons and sweets. A day that my baby boy wouldn’t understand in the least, but would most likely cause him to tumble over in a fit of giggles.

However, today was nowhere near that at all. As today, I was standing over my baby boy’s grave.

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About to post a Dantana one-shot? whatttt?

Sooo I haven’t posted any stories in eons, but I still love writing, especially angsty/sad things. I stayed home from work today since I’m really sick, so I had time to let some ideas swim around.

I’ll be posting the one-shot soon :)